Carna ForróCarna Forró

Samstag, 22.02.2020 ab 20:00

Die Pumpe e.V.
Haßstraße 22
24103 Kiel

Carna Forró

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Ab 2020 feiern wir das brasilianischste Fest überhaupt auch in Kiel. Carnival wie ihr ihn noch nicht kennt!

Das Brazil Movement Center - Forró Kiel lädt jeden ein mit uns den allerersten CARNA FORRÒ Kiels zu feiern.

Carnival ist der am meisten herbeigesehnte Moment für millionen Menschen weltweit, und nun bringen wir ihn mit allen seinen Lichtern, Federn, Moves und Hits, seiner elektrisierenden Musik und seinem Essen endlich nach Kiel! Das bedeutet jede Menge Spaß!


Starting 2020 celebrating with most traditional Brazilian Carnaval cannot get better!

The Brazil Movement Center - Forró Kiel invites everyone to join us in our very first CARNA FORRÓ edition!

Carnival is the most anticipated moment of the year for millions of people worldwide, and we bring to Kiel the lights, feathers, food, moves, hits, high-quality music, and a lot of FUN!

Our party will be composed of various bloquinhos with the performance of great artists and DJs.

To start with all heat BMC Forró Kiel meets BMC Forró Stuttgart.

Polyana Araújo brings her charm, talent, and passion to the dance floor. Forró runs into her vains as she is very well known in the German forró scene for years.

Ricelli Pinheiro recently moved to Germany but has travel the whole world with his moves. Have we ever thought a Itaúnas Festival Teacher would come so early to Kiel? Yes we did!!!

Together they are keen to show you a different vision of forró all the way from Brazil.

We are delighted to have Cainã Araújo and trio to open the first bloquinho "Carna-Forró". All the way from Cologne, Cainã Araújo has enriched the forró scene all over Europe with notes, poems, and feelings.

instagram: @cainaaraujo

Our second bloquinho "Carna-Brasil" will make everyone dance the night out with the most traditional marchinhas and the Brazilian carnival hits.

For the samba, pagode antigo, and funk lovers, don't worry! This party is also for you!

Now imagine having all of that with delicious bites?

You cannot miss it!

Bring your family, friends, relatives! We bring the carnival to Kiel to celebrate with all cultures and ages!

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Entrance 10 euros